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          1. Jenny Berger

            Describe yourself and your role at Curaytor

            Digital Marketer - I help clients manage their digital marketing efforts in order to grow their web presence and acquire leads using a process called CAB: Create Content (on our client’s sites), Advertise it (on Facebook) and Blast it (through email). I support the activities that help drive customer engagement, acquisition, and retention.

            Where do you call home?

            Orlando, FL

            What do you do when you’re not working?

            Globe-trotting, exploring new places, trying a new restaurant or hosting a gathering with friends.

            What do you love about your job?

            I am passionate about helping businesses grow and reach their highest potential using Curaytor Systems. I admire entrepreneurs that take risks and dare to make their dreams a reality. I love to co-create with business owners and be part of their digital marketing efforts and team.

            What’s your favorite TV show?

            Handmaid's Tale

            Favorite movie?

            The Pursuit of Happiness (ALL Will Smith movies) ??

            Favorite food?

            Shrimp anything! ??

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