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          1. OUR PORTFOLIO

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            McKenna & Vane


            WHAT THEY STRUGGLED WITH: As friends and business partners, Michael McKenna and David Vane operated their business under two different brands. After years of operating this way, they decided it was time to join forces under one all inclusive brand and created the brokerage McKenna & Vane. When they came to us, Michael and David were struggling with two different views on how their new brand should look and feel online. They knew this rebrand was the perfect time to clean up their online presence and create a distinct and clear message but the thought of including everything they needed on one site seemed very tasking.

            HOW WE HELPED: We were able to take their ideas from the “air” and put them in play online in a format that made much better sense than what was previously being used. When we asked about their experience Michael said, "Your team related to us; you understood our vision vs. just selling a bullshit template. I appreciate Jenny's professionalism and blunt feedback."


            HEATHER scott

            SINgle agent

            WHAT SHE STRUGGLED WITH: When Heather came to us she was struggling to represent her personality online. As a single agent, Heather was the face of her brand but she didn't see it that way. She was lost with where to start and looked to us for help.

            HOW WE HELPED: We brought Heather's personality to LIFE online. When asked about her experience, Heather said, “Lisa knew how to draw things out of me that I didn’t know were there. I could never have described what I wanted if someone asked me. She had a great conversational way to ask me the right questions.”


            NORTH GROUP Real Estate

            LARge Team | Multiple locations

            WHAT THEY STRUGGLED WITH: When North Group came to us they had a strong vision of how they wanted their brand to be portrayed online but the execution of this vision seemed very daunting. Although they understood the importance of having a  strong website to build their brand, their day-to-day work kept causing it to slip on their priority list. With high expectations, North Group came to us looking for help.

            HOW WE HELPED: With little direction we were able to capture the sleek and modern brand of North Group. After jumping on a quick call with their team to discuss what they wanted out of the new site, we were able to make their vision come to life. Sara, Director of Operations for North Group said, "We are so happy with the final product, and can’t believe they were able to capture our brand and wants so quickly! Seriously, I can’t stress enough how little direction they required. IT LOOKS SO DAMN GOOD for SO LITTLE HEADACHE."

            Rachel Mooney

            Small Team

            WHAT SHE STRUGGLED WITH: When Rachel came to us she was completely overwhelmed with the process of capturing her business online and didn't know where to start.

            HOW WE HELPED: We could sense how Rachel was feeling from day one. We made the process very clear and communicated with her very step of the way. We took her thoughts and ideas and made them come to life! When asked about her experience Rachel said, "It was super easy to communicate with Lisa through the entire process. Lisa made it simple."

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            CONNECT WITH US
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