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          1. Emails That Generate A Huge ROI

            Send better emails, get better results

            How it Works

            Segment Your List

            Don’t annoy your database, send the right people the right message

            Segment emails based off of web pages they have visited, length in the database, the last email opened and more.


            Follow the Leaders

            Know exactly emails what other top agents around the country are sending to get results

            Every email sent by a Curaytor client in a searchable list, don’t guess on what to send, you can search by keyword sort the list by open rate and clickthrough rate.

            Swipe and Steal

            Never write an email again

            You can swipe and steal any email any Curaytor client has sent and send it to your database in seconds.



            Turn email action into a sale

            Your sales team can see everyone who interacted with the email in a simple list so you never let a deal fall through the cracks.


            Are You Ready For a Better Way?

            Curaytor is exclusive by market

            Talk To An Expert

            UP NEXT

            Simple sales tool that prevents leads from falling through the cracks

            Never cold call again - only talk to people who are ready

            Curaytor Convert


            Facebook Ad Library

            Email Library


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