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          1. MEET


            full-service digital marketing company focused on helping our clients acquire and retain more customers.

            How We Help






            Curaytor in the Press

            Curaytor is a digital marketing firm that’s just been named one of Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America. Our co-founders and their work have also been featured in many publications, including...

            One of Inc's 500 fastest growing companies in under 4 years


            Chris Smith

            Chris Smith is a USA Today bestselling author and the co-founder of Curaytor, a Facebook Advertising, digital marketing and modern sales company that helps businesses grow faster. 

            Author, Keynote Speaker and Entrepreneur 

            In the last four years, he used the blueprint in his book, The Conversion Code, to grow Curaytor to nearly $15 million in annual, recurring revenue without raising any venture capital. His work has been featured in AdWeek, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fortune, The Huffington Post and by many other publications. 

            Prior, Chris worked for two billionaires (Dan Gilbert and Lou Pearlman), a near billion dollar publicly traded company (Move Inc.) and a startup (DotLoop) that was acquired for $108 million (by Zillow Group).

            His first book, Peoplework, raised over $73,000 on Kickstarter, has more than 50,000 copies in circulation and received endorsements from the CEO of Zappos and Gary Vaynerchuk, who wrote the foreword.

            Chris is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and is a perennial on the most influential people in the real estate industry lists.

            Excellent Sessions

            Chris often speaks about concepts that form the basis of his two bestselling books: Peoplework and The Conversion CodeHe also speaks on principles for growing small businesses, Facebook advertising, and sales and marketing techniques.

            The Conversion Code

            A USA Today and Amazon bestselling business book, The Conversion Code is a deep-dive into generating more leads, getting them on the phone, and closing more deals.


            Co-authored by Chris Smith and Dotloop co-founder Austin Allison, Peoplework details the 10 principles for putting people first in a digital-first world. Shortly after Peoplework was published, Dotloop was acquired by Zillow for $108 million. 

            Boiler Room Best Practices

            With experience working for billionaires like Lou Pearlman and Dan Gilbert, Chris has a unique perspective on what it takes to grow a business from the boiler room. At Curaytor, he's taught those techniques to a much smaller boiler room - with only 2 dedicated salespeople, Curaytor has grown to nearly $15 million in annual recurring revenue.

            Feedback from Chris Smith's recent talk at 
            Hubspot Inbound 2017

            Awesome delivery. Very engaging. Concrete takeaways. Inspiring-- I started rewriting our sales script!

            Energy & sense of humor never disappoints

            Dynamic! Loved receiving his book! Tons of takeaways, very raw and applicable

            He gave a lot of insights not the typical pitch you hear from sales trainers

            Speaker was simply amazing!!

            Chris has spoken at:

            Chris has been featured in:

            Chris In Action

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